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David Koren lives on a mini farm in the Pennsylvania countryside with his wife, Kay, and their two tractors. He has enjoyed careers in teaching, rehabilitation counseling, laser physics, amateur astronomy, and now book writing. Beautiful in aspect and spirit, Kay abides all the puddles he gets himself into.

Photo used with permission from Valley News Dispatch

My mother told me to write this book. She is 95 years old, and she handed me a bundle of letters that I had sent her from Africa 50 years ago. She said, “You write very well, and you need to tell this story.” I served in the United States Peace Corps in Nigeria in 1964, 1965, and 1966, and I wrote home about it. Since we had no instantaneous electronic communications back then, letters contained a lot of detail and feeling.

In 1968 I went back there to my one-time home in Eastern Nigeria-then called Biafra-because a war had broken out. People were starving by the millions. International church groups started a massive humanitarian airlift of food and medicine. UNICEF recruited me to help unload the planes in Biafra. Again, I wrote letters home, but I also made dozens of audio tapes with amazing detail, capturing the history of that time.

I still have the tapes and the letters my mother gave me and my pictures and many documents from the airlift. From them I wrote the book, “Far Away in the Sky.”

Out of great respect, I wrote it for my mother.

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